Spring Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

  Spring Cleaning Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors Spring is here, which means it is time to dust off those feather dusters and get the buckets out for some deep cleaning. Most people are not sure how to give their hardwood floors the cleaning it deserves, especially if there are children and pets in the home. Try some of the following to help you get started on that spring cleaning. Cleaning Up Ceramic-tile floors can be cleaned easily with warm water, but it is never as easy to clean hardwood. The truth is some cleaning products can harm those beautiful hardwood floors, and take the shine right out of them. To get the most out of your spring cleaning extravaganza, it helps to try the following: Choose the best products Knowing what to use on those floors is very important. It will help keep the shine and finish looking like new while keeping it clean. Floors that have been surface sealed compared with unfinished floors differ in how to keep them clean. Most newly-installed floors


A Deeper Look at the Home Foreclosure Process

A Deeper Look at the Home Foreclosure Process Foreclosure is a legal proceeding by which a lender can sell or repossess a home when the owner has stopped making payments. The steps which make up a foreclosure process can feel daunting. It helps to understand your personal rights through it all, along with the responsibilities as homeowner. Stage One: Missed Payments A homeowner must fall 90 days behind on a mortgage, in most states, before the mortgage lender can legally initiate the foreclosure process. This stage has to happen prior to the foreclosure starting and this is the phase which provides homeowners the most options. At the missed payment stage, the best time to rework your finances is right now. Call your lender to work out a compromise, put your home on the market and try to avoid immediate foreclosure. Stage Two: Pre-Foreclosure Once payments have not been made for at least 90 days, the lender records a public notice that the owner defaulted. This is followed by a mailed

Use Your Tax Return to Fund the Down Payment on Your Dream Home

Use Your Tax Return to Fund the Down Payment on Your Dream Home Behold the beloved tax season; the reason for people rejoicing all over the United States leading up to April 15. Many people look forward to tax season because it means they are getting a return. Some people really dislike tax season because it means they pay into the system, with no return in site. For those who enjoy a sizeable tax return, it can be a great time to consider making a down payment on your dream home as an investment in your future. Get Started A large tax refund can be enough to cover the entire down payment on a home purchase. If a tax refund does not cover the entire down payment, you will still be able to feel the difference in your pocketbook now, and in the future. If you put the refund into savings, you have a sizeable amount to build off of to get that nest egg built up for a future dream home. There are loans which do not require a down payment, but it is still a wise idea to save your tax refund

Tips For Opening Those Indian Lake Ohio Rentals After The Long Winter

Tips For Opening Those Indian Lake Ohio Rentals After The Long Winter Opening your rental property after a long winter is the most exciting part of the year. It can also be the most stressful part. To get the season off to a great start, follow our planning tips for your opening weekend in your Indian Lake Ohio Rentals. Opening Checklist It’s important that you start by making a detailed checklist of all the things you need to do when you get to your lakefront rental, including everything you need to take care of before you leave home. It may take a bit of time and effort, but it pays to be organized. Call the electricity company, phone company and trash collection to turn your services back on. Check that all insurance documents are up to date on the home, boat, trailer, etc. Organize your keys, tools, cleaning supplies, clothing, batteries, and food. Systems And Safety Once you get to your Indian Lake Ohio rental, you’ll need to make sure that the home is safe to inhabit again, befo

Benefits of Buying in the Indian Lake School District

Benefits of Buying in the Indian Lake School District When buying a new home, it’s always advisable to consider purchasing in a good school district. Even if you don’t have any school going kids, or never plan on having children, the quality of the school district can impact the price of your home and what it might sell for later. The Indian Lake school district is part of Logan County, Ohio. It is a school district with 1,608 students and spends $8,283 per year per student. The local elementary school is extremely highly rated, with a rating of 8, while the overall rating for the district is a solid 5. When it comes to buying a home, the potential resale value should stay top of mind, which is why the local school district is important to take into consideration. Many studies show a home’s school district has a direct impact on its value and ability to sell down the road. According to Relator.com, one out of five home buyers said they would pay 6% to 10% more than their budget to pur

Calculating the True Value of Waterfront Property in Ohio

Calculating the True Value of Waterfront Property in Ohio Proximity to water is one of the largest influences on the value of a piece of property. Whether the property is located near a lake, river or ocean, buyers are willing to pay a lot more for it. A lot of people believe the value lies in the view, there’s actually much more to justify the higher price.   Desirability Waterfront property tends to cost more because buyers place a value on this type of property. Look at it this way. If you’d pay $200,000 for a house with views of other houses and the street, what would you pay for the exact same house with a view of a serene lake, or of rushing rapids? Chances are you’d pay more, and that desirability factor is a big part of the higher price of waterfront property. Scarcity We all know that 70% of the Earth’s surface is water. Even though water isn’t scarce, waterfront land to build upon is. The basic principles of supply and demand dictate that prices go up for any desirable item

Indian Lake Boat Show

  Indian Lake Boat Show Spring is around the corner, which means it is time for the annual Indian Lake Boat show! The 2018 spring boat show will feature stunning deals,  beautiful weather, tasty food, and the chance to view available Indian Lake properties. Waterfront Properties Join Choice Properties during this fun weekend to view some of our beautiful waterfront properties! We will be holding open houses all day Saturday and Sunday, making it easy to fit your schedule. Stop in for a free chicken sandwich & drink, and pick up an Indian Lake Guide or chat with our award-winning realtors.   Open Houses     OPEN HOUSE : SAT, MARCH 3, 12:00-1:30 – WATERFRONT – 7502 DUNNS POND CIR #4, RUSSELLS POINT     OPEN HOUSE : SAT, MARCH 3, 12-2PM – 305 W MAIN ST, RUSSELLS POINT   OPEN HOUSE : SAT, MARCH 3, 12:00-2:00 – WATERFRONT – 9495 LAKESHORE DR W, HUNTSVILLE     OPEN HOUSE : SAT, MARCH 3, 12-2:00 – WATERFRONT – 9327 SASSAFRAS DR, LAKEVIEW     OPEN HOUSE : SAT, MARCH 3, 12-2:00