Making an Offer on Your Dream Home

Once you find your dream home in Logan County, the next step is to make the offer!


Pros and Cons of Renting When You Retire

There are several Pros and Cons of Renting When You Retire, especially when considering homes in Indian Lake Ohio.  Older renters are on the rise, with households aged 55 and over contributing 42 percent of renter household growth as reported by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University in 2015. The rate will only increase as more Baby Boomers hit retirement age. Consider some of the pros and cons of renting in retirement.   Pro: no more mortgage People who choose to rent in retirement are no longer making monthly mortgage payments. Depending on the financial situation, this may mean entering retirement debt-free. Con: No more taxes Homeowners receive tax incentives including deductions for property taxes and mortgage interest. Savings can add up in states with high property taxes.   Pro: No longer tied down Dream retirement looks different for people but many enjoy the freedom of not being tied to a home. Renting offers flexibility since there is no house to maint

Tips for Winterizing a Vacant Home

Central Ohio Homes face all the onslaughts of winter and the cold.  Snowbirds who head south for winter can help protect a vacant home with some easy steps. Theft, water damage, heating and electrical system malfunctions are possible threats while a person is away for long periods of time. Learn how to winterize a home to avoid some of the pitfalls that occur with a home left unoccupied for the cooler months.   Appearances Matter A home which appears occupied is going to be a less likely target for theft. The following steps can help: Forward mail, stop newspaper delivery or ask a friend to collect items Arrange for snow removal after storms Use motion-sensitive exterior and interior lights on timers and set for varying times to discourage prowlers   Protection from Thieves Thieves may notice when a family has left a home unoccupied and try to gain access to the property and items left in the home. Start with the following steps to protect a home from thieves: Secure external doors