Advice for Winterizing Indian Lake Ohio Vacation Rentals

Advice for Winterizing Indian Lake Ohio Vacation Rentals It’s been a great summer for the guests in your Indian Lake Ohio vacation rental. Now, the guests are gone and time to shut the place down for winter. It’s important that the property is protected for winter, so that it’s able to be used and enjoyed in summer. We have some advice for you to winterize your Indian Lake Ohio vacation rentals. Turn Off Water Shut off the water and thoroughly drain the water out of pipes. To do this, find the lowest faucet on the property, usually one on the exterior and open it up. Then go back through the cabin and open every sink, shower or bath faucet and flush every toilet to remove remaining water. You also have to turn off electricity or the pilot light on the water heater and drain the water heater into a floor drain. Disconnect garden hoses and empty pipes leading to outside faucets. Finally, you could use a compressor to blow out the last of the water. Leave The Heat On It’s best to keep th