Benefits of Buying in the Indian Lake School District

Benefits of Buying in the Indian Lake School District When buying a new home, it’s always advisable to consider purchasing in a good school district. Even if you don’t have any school going kids, or never plan on having children, the quality of the school district can impact the price of your home and what it might sell for later. The Indian Lake school district is part of Logan County, Ohio. It is a school district with 1,608 students and spends $8,283 per year per student. The local elementary school is extremely highly rated, with a rating of 8, while the overall rating for the district is a solid 5. When it comes to buying a home, the potential resale value should stay top of mind, which is why the local school district is important to take into consideration. Many studies show a home’s school district has a direct impact on its value and ability to sell down the road. According to, one out of five home buyers said they would pay 6% to 10% more than their budget to pur


10 Benefits of Living in the City of Bellefontaine Ohio

10 Benefits of Living in the City of Bellefontaine Ohio The City of Bellefontaine

The Benefits of Owning Waterfront Property in Ohio

Waterfront properties are what dreams are made of for many people. Types of waterfront homes include private homes on the beach, small cabins near lakes or even lakeside luxury condominiums. Find out what the benefits of owning waterfront property in Ohio can be and what to look for when search for the perfect place to call home. Live it Up People who choose to reside near the water seem to embrace a different lifestyle centered around joy and peace of experiencing the shoreline. More time and money is spent on maintenance, yet it is a worthwhile investment that will build memories for years to come. Postponing the joys until later can result in an overabundance of stress and anxiety from living in areas that are far from water (and far from peaceful).

5 Health Benefits of Ohio Lakefront Living

Ohio lakefront living is beneficial in so many ways. Relaxation and peace are not the only reasons being by water increases overall health. Ohio has many beautiful spots to choose from when selecting the optimal lakefront property. Learn more about why waterfront homes provide so much for people who enjoy the serenity of living by a lake.

Legal Benefits to Using a Licensed Real Estate Agent

    Legal Benefits to Using a Licensed Real Estate Agent   Whether buying or selling, a professional, licensed real estate agent can provide great benefits in finding a dream home. Legal obligations to clients can provide a safety net for the client. Find out what legal benefits exist to using a licensed real estate agent and how to take advantage of the opportunity.   OLDCAR The acronym OLDCAR is used to describe legal obligations afforded to clients by licensed real estate agents. The benefits included are listed as follows:   Obedience If an agent represents an instruction with financial implications, the agent is required to follow it even if disagreement ensues. This pertains to anything that is legal and does not contradict a contractual agreement.   Loyalty An agent is obliged to put the interest of his or her client above those of anyone else involved in the deal (including the agent). Loyalty gives the client a sense of peace and reassurance the agent has his or her bes