Things to Consider about Buying a Fixer Upper

Things to Consider about Buying a Fixer Upper Older homes hold true characteristic in both their interior and exterior, making them great for fixer uppers. Updating an older space allows you to treasure the unique statements, such as discovering hidden shiplap or restoring old hardwood floors and bring out the raw beauty within the home. Not only are historic homes beautiful for fixer uppers, but can also come with a cheaper price. Your Choice Properties real estate agent can help find your dream fixer upper within your price range and desired features. In the meantime, we have created a list of things to consider about buying a fixer upper, ensuring you are fully prepared for the flip. Talk to an Inspector When buying an older home, it’s common of the home to come with both cosmetic and design updates. It’s important to speak with an inspector to fully understand the condition and safety of the home, ranging from plumbing, electrical, to foundation. Having a complete understanding of


Costly Mistakes to Avoid After Buying Your First Home

Costly Mistakes to Avoid After Buying Your First Home Buying your first home is a rewarding accomplishment in life. To officially call yourself a homeowner and knowing your hard work paid off is a memory that will last forever. Although you should feel prepared to avoid pitfalls, it never hurts to research common problems almost all new homeowners experience. The last thing you should be worrying about is not being prepared for the unexpected. We have curated a list of costly mistakes to avoid after buying your first home to help your process be smooth and memorable. Investing in Multiple Expensive Home Improvements Updating your home consists of fun projects worth planning, but don’t let the eagerness make you invest in too many home improvements at once. Tackling one project at a time will keep your budget in line and ensure a well completed renovation. If you are debating between which home improvements to start, consider speaking with a trusted real estate agent to discover which

Considerations for Buying an Older Home

Considerations for Buying an Older Home Character and personality are nice things to have in a home, but it does not always mean the home is going to be what you want. Fine woodwork, wrap-around porches, arched doorways, carved staircases and ornate tapestry are all part of the deal but it can come with additional risks and expenses of buying an older home. Learn how to protect yourself against these risks. Foundation and Structure Even the best homes can shift over time, causing cracks in the foundations and walls. Doors and windows may jam, chimneys need support, and stonework needs attention. Older homes are also at greater risk of termite damage, which impacts floors, structural walls, and the drywall. Hazardous Materials Homes built prior to 1978 often contained lead based paint, both inside and out. Old lead pipes can get into the water system. Asbestos was commonly used for insulation and fireproofing. This is all fixable, at a cost to the homeowner. Electrical System If you kn

Benefits of Buying in the Indian Lake School District

Benefits of Buying in the Indian Lake School District When buying a new home, it’s always advisable to consider purchasing in a good school district. Even if you don’t have any school going kids, or never plan on having children, the quality of the school district can impact the price of your home and what it might sell for later. The Indian Lake school district is part of Logan County, Ohio. It is a school district with 1,608 students and spends $8,283 per year per student. The local elementary school is extremely highly rated, with a rating of 8, while the overall rating for the district is a solid 5. When it comes to buying a home, the potential resale value should stay top of mind, which is why the local school district is important to take into consideration. Many studies show a home’s school district has a direct impact on its value and ability to sell down the road. According to, one out of five home buyers said they would pay 6% to 10% more than their budget to pur

Smart Families Are Buying Up Vacation Homes for Sale In Ohio

Smart Families Are Buying Up Vacation Homes for Sale In Ohio The last few years have been great for vacation home sales, according to the National Association of Realtors. With rising home prices and stock market gains, the market was flooded with people nearing retirement, and the median vacation home sold for approximately $150,000/-. There are many upsides to buying a vacation home. You can decorate it as you wish, leave your clothes there, rent out the property if you want and possibly even retire there. A vacation home would be perfect for large family gatherings. Buying For Enjoyment A vacation home can be purely for pleasure, if that’s what you want it to be. Vacation homes for sale in Ohio are in high demand, as people flock to the state. There are a lot of beautiful vacation spots in Ohio, and you could fall in love with a specific location, and in that case purchasing and maintaining a vacation property will be worth it. You could get away anytime, without having to book hot

Do I Need a Realtor for Buying Waterfront Homes for Sale in Ohio?

Do I Need a Realtor for Buying Waterfront Homes for Sale in Ohio? It’s easier than ever to search for homes online and follow market alerts for new inventory. You might have asked yourself the question, do I need a realtor? There are many benefits to using a realtor, such as Choice Properties, especially when it comes to navigating and buying waterfront homes for sale in Ohio. Market insights, local expertise and negotiation advice are just some of the advantages. Market Knowledge Buying a waterfront home isn’t like buying homes in the city or country away from water. A good real estate agent will have spent hours touring waterfront homes for sale in Ohio, every week, which means they know what the actual value of the property is, and not just what its listed for. They will have market knowledge and in depth insights and are the best people to help you find the home that fits your budget. Access To New Property While it’s true that you can find pretty much any home listed for sale onl

Tips for Buying a Home in Indian Lake Ohio

Tips for Buying a Home in Indian Lake Ohio Indian Lake, Ohio, was formerly known as Lewistown Reservoir and was named by European American settlers for the natives that roamed the region at the time. Originally a group of small lakes and wetlands, it has now become a destination for boating and fishing enthusiasts, as well as a wonderful place to call home for the Ohio residents that surround the lake. There are major fishing tournaments and boat shows held here annually, and you’ll find ice fishing and snowmobiling in the winter. Are you interested in buying a home in Indian Lake, Ohio? Today, the area attracts almost 1.5 million visitors every year with its first rate camping, swimming and boating facilities. You’ll need to be savvy to snag up a home in such a popular location.