Ohio is a Great Place to Buy an Investment Property

Ohio is a Great Place to Buy an Investment Property The investment market in Ohio is full of great places to seek out the property that is best suited for an individual’s desires and needs. Many people seek investment property because renting feels like pouring money into a funnel and never getting the equity desired back out. For this reason, Ohio is the perfect place to stop searching and to start buying. Find out some reasons why. Ohio Market It is important to do research on where the best places to purchase property are located. Three cities in Ohio – Toledo, Dayton and Cleveland – are on the top 10 lists of markets where it is better to buy property than rent. The main reason for this is the rebounding effect following the recession of properties becoming available. Do not get too caught up in lists as they are not the only factors to consider when looking to buy a home.


Tips for Creating Great Kid Bedrooms

    Kids will go through different phases as children progress from toddler to child, tween to teen. A bedroom becomes more than a place to sleep and play, it morphs into a space where homework is done, music is listened to (or created) and many other things happen with family and friends. It can be fun to create a space that serves all the necessary functions but is comfortable and inviting. Learn a few tips to minimize work on redecorating a kid’s bedroom yet create a space any kid will love.   Consult Experts The ultimate experts on what kids like are the kids themselves. Get kids involved in the design process and let them pick out certain elements such as colors and themes to make it fun. Some other tips include: Including personal hobbies and interests Focus on decorating based on child’s tastes Make sure the room fits both the child’s needs and parent’s desires Basic color palettes that work well in any room can include black and white, pastels, neutral backdrops with acc