Make Your Move to East Liberty Ohio

East Liberty is located in southern Perry Township, Logan County, Ohio. Just off U.S. Route 33, east of Bellefontaine and approximately an hour northwest of Columbus, this unincorporated town is home to a major Honda automotive production plant. Families looking for East Liberty real estate will find plenty of open land in which to build a new home or purchase existing property.


Making a Home in Belle Center Ohio

Belle Center is located in Logan County, Ohio. It has the distinction of being a Tree City, USA due to the city’s efforts in tree planting and tree care. Belle Center real estate is some of the most sought after in the Indian Lake region for its natural beauty and serene qualities. History During the 1840’s, settlers moved into the area to develop a new town. The Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad began to plan a railroad line through the area. Belle Center experienced growth as a result of the rail line bringing economic development with businesses such as hotels, blacksmiths shops, restaurants, markets and an ‘Opera House.” An ice cream stand, a bank, grocery store and other businesses are now part of the town’s landscape.

Buying a Home in Indian Lake Ohio

    Buying a Home in Indian Lake Ohio   Indian Lake Ohio is located in Logan County, western Ohio. Fed by the north and south forks of the several waterways, Indian Lake was named so because several tribes lived in the region and found it to be ideal for fishing and hunting. Today, the region is a great place to purchase a home with its beautiful lakes, activities, schools and other amenities at an affordable price.   Indian Lake Indian Lake has numerous islands, including the “Indian Isles” chain which expands across the center of the lake with numerous wildlife areas and a 30 mile shoreline. Several of the areas have activities to enjoy including lake-front biking, walking trails and boat launches. Activities centered around the lake include a Jimmy Buffett weekend the first week of February along with the annual Boat Show the first weekend in March. The “Ring of Fire” is on Sunday evening prior to Labor Day weekend which explores an Indian tradition in celebration of the ha