Tips for Saving for Your New Ohio Home

Dreams of that Ohio home are not as far away as you think. Even if too much money got spent the past holiday season, worry no more. Home-buying is still in the cards with some easy money-saving tips to help bounce back and get into financial shape for the home of your dreams.


Going Green: 6 Tips for Planting Your Spring Garden

Spring fever has come with the arrival of some warmer days and longer hours of daylight. This is the time people start to dream about rejuvenating the outdoor garden and picturing beautiful landscapes. Mulch, weeds and other things can get in the way of the dream garden. Learn more about how to choose the right plants to boost the appeal of a home garden that everyone can enjoy. Plant a Spring Garden in Indian Lake Dirt Matters A soil test is the best way to see what is going on underneath the dirt in the yard. The local agricultural extension office can provide helpful information such as what will grow and how to improve the soil quality. Some of the follow are tips to help get started: Add organic matter to the soil Start a compost pile or add bags of composted manure If soil is drained, plants that tolerate wetness are recommended or a dry creek bed can be installed to prevent standing water

Tips for Creating Great Kid Bedrooms

    Kids will go through different phases as children progress from toddler to child, tween to teen. A bedroom becomes more than a place to sleep and play, it morphs into a space where homework is done, music is listened to (or created) and many other things happen with family and friends. It can be fun to create a space that serves all the necessary functions but is comfortable and inviting. Learn a few tips to minimize work on redecorating a kid’s bedroom yet create a space any kid will love.   Consult Experts The ultimate experts on what kids like are the kids themselves. Get kids involved in the design process and let them pick out certain elements such as colors and themes to make it fun. Some other tips include: Including personal hobbies and interests Focus on decorating based on child’s tastes Make sure the room fits both the child’s needs and parent’s desires Basic color palettes that work well in any room can include black and white, pastels, neutral backdrops with acc

Tips for Winterizing a Vacant Home

Central Ohio Homes face all the onslaughts of winter and the cold.  Snowbirds who head south for winter can help protect a vacant home with some easy steps. Theft, water damage, heating and electrical system malfunctions are possible threats while a person is away for long periods of time. Learn how to winterize a home to avoid some of the pitfalls that occur with a home left unoccupied for the cooler months.   Appearances Matter A home which appears occupied is going to be a less likely target for theft. The following steps can help: Forward mail, stop newspaper delivery or ask a friend to collect items Arrange for snow removal after storms Use motion-sensitive exterior and interior lights on timers and set for varying times to discourage prowlers   Protection from Thieves Thieves may notice when a family has left a home unoccupied and try to gain access to the property and items left in the home. Start with the following steps to protect a home from thieves: Secure external doors